Class Pet

 Yesterday I wrote about my cat Rowdy and that I bring Rowdy stories to school to get my kids excited about writing and reading. This year I made Rowdy our class pet! I bought a cat a Build A Bear complete with accessories of course. I also bought a photo album and labeled it Rowdy's Adventures. My student of the week gets to take Rowdy home over the weekend. Parents take pictures of Rowdy with their child and then write a short something about what they did over the weekend. Rowdy went to the fair this year, to many soccer games, swim practice, and church too!
All of the kids LOVE Rowdy. Even the boys! The boy pictured above brought Rowdy to his cousin's zombie themed slumber party!
This album has been loved. The corners are looking a bit sad now! Some parents typed up their note and other wrote it by hand. I choose my student of the week Friday right before dismissal. It was a VERY big deal to be student of the week.
We have finished our album and even my students who aren't the strongest readers are able to read every page. Parents love it too! I place a letter home in the front of the album. It's been a great success and I will certainly do it again next year!

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