Linky Party!

 Abby over at The Inspired Apple is doing a Linky Party! You know I just love those! Join in the fun!

You Know You're a Teacher When...

1. You can tell that the weather is going to change or it's a full moon based on how naughty your ENTIRE class was one day.

2. You seriously consider taking a personal day when you see it's going to be a full moon.

3. You realize at 3:30 that you've had to pee for five hours.

4. You get called "Mom" just as often as you get called Ms. ______

5. When you hear kids mimic your teacher sayings- "Problem Solve!"  "Line Order!" and my fave, "Seriously!" or "Seriously?"

6. The walls around your desk are covered in love notes from your kiddos.

7. You stop kids you don't know at a restaurant from running all over the place because, "this is not a playground."

8. You save trash because you just know you can use it somehow! (egg cartons, bottle tops, etc.)

9. You reenact stuff that your kids have done for your spouse....and he just doesn't get how funny it was!

10. You know you'll just never be able to name your children....


  1. I totally agree with #9. One of my students was singing, "A tisket, a tasket, there goes your basket!" And then she kicked the empty recess ball basket. I tried so hard not to laugh in front of her. When I got home and relayed the story, my husband wasn't as tickled as I was. Gotta love the little ones.

    First Grade Factory

  2. I agree with SO many of yours!


  3. i am pregnant now and having the HARDEST time coming up with a name!!!

  4. I am constantly acting out my day for my hubby! They just do the funniest things!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  5. I agree!!! B never understands the importance of a story when I retell it!!!

    Thanks for playing along, girl :)

  6. Hi Jennifer, yes I am at a year-round school! As awful as it was to start school in the middle of summer, it's soooo worth it now! ;)