School Year Success Linky Party

 Ladybug Teacher Files is having a school year success linky party. This is your chance to brag and then steal ideas from fellow bloggers!

This has been an incredible year for me! I switched grade levels from fourth to first and found myself on the most wonderful team. It's been exciting and inspiring to work with a group of ladies who are as passionate about teaching as I am. They also happen to be loud, sarcastic, and hilarious! That being said, my personal success is finding my love of teaching again! Last year was so HORRIFIC that I can't put it into words. There wasn't a day that I didn't cry on my way home from work and then sit on the couch wondering what else I might be qualified to do. After the first week of school I knew this year would bring me back to life! First grade is where I'm meant to be! And the icing on the cake was that I discovered blogging- my new addiction! I have been so inspired by everyone's thoughts and ideas that I can't stop thinking of games and things I want to incorporate. You all have made me a better teacher and I feel like all you bloggy friends are part of my team. Thanks all! XO

Now YOU go join this AWESOME linky party! You just know it will make you feel good to read all those stories!



Just had to get that off my chest....

13 cents

 Two years ago when I was teaching fourth grade one of my fellow teachers was having one of those years. At one point, just before state testing, we were doing a review on time. The morning work question was "What time is it?" and the student wrote "13 cents."

Well this became the joke of the year. The next day I brought my teammate a gold box tied with a bow. Inside were thirteen pennies. After that any time any of us had something ridiculous happen to us the box of thirteen cents was passed on.

I had completely forgotten about this tradition until I read Mrs. Scoma's post at First Grade FUNdamentals today. I do believe she has earned 13 cents! Click on the tag to read her post!

Does your team have any traditions?

Mother's Day Idea

 At our school we can print ONE thing in color for the students each year. We wait for mother's day and have the kids brainstorm words to describe their mother. Anything will work and honestly, the less you lead them the funnier they are! Then they type up their words in Wordle and print it out. I glue them onto construction paper and laminate too! I'll post pics as soon as we are done. (If we are EVER done with our famous American power points I'll be amazed! I can't take much more!!!!)

Long vowel/ Short vowel word sort

DRA testing can be a real bear when you are trying to think of things for your other students to do. Mrs. Thiessen over at The First Grade Sweet Life posted some activities and she totally inspired me. We will be done with our reading series at the end of next week and I will still need grades for the four weeks after that. So I made a short and long vowel word sort packet. Click on the pic to download


 Today is Thursday, but it's my Friday! Woohoo! The short weeks always seem twice as long though! Someone (I can't recall who it was! I look at so many of y'alls awesome blogs) posted about a cute book called "The Perfect Nest." My library had it! I'll be trying to create some classroom stuff around that book because it really is super cute.

I'm also thinking of doing a giveaway to keep us all motivated through the end of the school year. I'll keep you posted!

Easter Math Center

 Fact families were tough for some of my kiddos so I'm constantly reviewing them. Like many of you I went hog wild at Target and bought a ton of those see through chicks and plastic easter eggs. I've created an Easter Egg Fact Family math center. Just click on the picture below!

Earth Day Worksheet

 I can't resist using my clip art and although we have been journaling about Earth Day, recycling, etc. I wanted to have an end of unit worksheet for my students so that they can really show me what they know. Click on the picture to download!

Need Your Help

 It was announced at our faculty meeting that our focus next year will be on math and science. That being said, I do my best with math. I have math "stations" during our enrichment time when I meet with students who our struggling. (This meets my RTI needs) However, I know what I have isn't the most efficient I need help! I'm really trying to figure out changes for next year early on so that I can use up my copy count each month before school is over and then be super prepared for next year. (I fully admit that I am OCD when it comes to my classroom set up) Please leave a comment on how you run your math stations/centers or email me with pictures and an explanation at
Thank you in advance!

How did I miss this?!

 There is a super cute giveaway going on at Curls and a Smile for a pirate unit. How on EARTH did I miss that?! Be sure to check it out, today is the last day to enter.

Fraction Memory Game

 I couldn't sleep so I've finished my fraction memory game. My kids are going to be so excited! Click on the picture to download and have a great Friday!


 I feel like I've neglected y'all! It's been one of those CRAZY weeks with long meetings and me wishing I could have a mute button for my special friend. I'm working on some great ideas to share I promise!

On a lighter note...anyone else watch Idol? I feel Lauren needs an Animal Print Intervention....great band name right?

Also, Lemony Snicket was in Austin today promoting his new book "13 Words." Has anyone heard anything about this book? I think it's filled with awesome vocab!

Updated TPT

 So you know how when you wake up in the middle of the night and you're on painkillers and you're trying to think of words that end in e for your kids game and you post it to TPT only to realize today, after you've laminated the damn thing, you see you used the word rake twice. GEEZ! Sometimes I really am so blonde! I've fixed it and updated it on TPT, so if you bought it be sure to download the newer version.

Mini Unit

 I just finished creating a mini unit for "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake." It includes two creative writing assignments, two math games, and a graphing activity. Easy to incorporate these activities into a whole Laura Joffe Numeroff unit. Be sure to check it out at my TPT Store! Below is a little preview.

A few of my non-teaching related favorite things

Katie at Persnickety Pickles is having a linky party! Woohoo!

 1. Clip Art- listen people, I will put clip art on anything. It's a real problem.

2. Coffee. (Need I say more?)

3. My MAC Viva Glam V lip gloss.

4. My purple coffee mug on Saturday mornings. I don't really know why, but it just has to be that way.

5. My shampoo- Enjoy is the brand. I know that's a weird one, but I just LOVE how it smells. It starts my day off right.

6. Teen drama tv shows- Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Nikita. And also General Hospital. I've watched it forever and I find comfort in the fact that I didn't watch a single episode this last week, but come Monday I won't really be behind!

7. Maudie's. It's a mexican restaurant here in Austin and I just LOVE everything there. Mmmmm....kind of makes me hungry.

Linky Party

Mrs. Scoma at First Grade FUNdamentals is having a linky party. The idea is to share what you send home for homework. Thank goodness she's doing this because that has been a struggle for me all year. I want to send home something meaningful and helpful, but it's boiled down to spelling practice and reading each night. If you have great homework plans head on over there!


Check Me Out!

I was invited to join the Teaching Blog Addict blog! It's a collaboration between amazing teachers like you!
If you are interested in becoming a contributor head over there and contact Tamara. 
Again, we really are each others best resource! Just when I feel overwhelmed I see a great idea on a blog and I feel excited again. 

Note to parents

 I know I had a rough week with my students as I posted about last night. And I've seen several posts from others that they have been having much the same week. Here is the email I sent to my parents below. Feel free to use it if you need to. I already had lots of positive feedback from parents.

I wanted to send a class email in regards to this weeks class work and behaviors.  I have spent much of my time redirecting and refocusing this week.  So, I am asking to please spend a short time talking with your child about staying focused for the remainder of the school year.  We have had a GREAT year, and I don't want us to slide downhill from here.  Our progress this year has been phenomenal, and I want to continue on that path.  I appreciate your support and help in this, as sometimes it just takes a moment and reminder of school's importance.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or call me.  I know with the beautiful weather, it sometimes makes it difficult to focus, instead wishing to be at the beach, walking on the sand, and finding shells, but maybe that's just me.  Thanks again for your help and support, and if I haven't mentioned it lately, I have a fabulous group of kids that make me very proud!

Love y'all

 This week has been RIDICULOUS. My kids have behaved like it's a full moon every day and my special friend has been just awful. BUT I love coming home and looking at what everyone has posted. Y'all keep me inspired and excited about teaching. Teachers are the greatest people! Have a great Friday!



 Y'all- The Cricut is on sale at Michaels. I stayed strong and didn't buy it, but it's half price and I might have to drive up there after school! I feel sure I could use it for all kinds of crafty school things!

Living and Nonliving Activity

 As promised, I put the finishing touches on my Living and Nonliving Objects activities. And I opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store! Woohoo! I also spent the middle of the night creating an activity for adding ed and ing for our reading unit this week. It's art themed due to our stories from Journeys- The Art of adding ed and ing.


 Hadar at Outfitted and Inspired is doing a giveaway that you'll so want to win! It's a countdown to the end of school cutie crafty thing!

42 days left for me...

Fun Writing Project

 Mrs. Thiessen over at the First Grade Sweet Life posted about a mouse showing up during a parent teacher conference and how she freaked out. It's hilarious! Anyway, I thought she should use it as a writing opportunity--- and what the heck- I will too!


 Ok, I admit it---- I can't stand teaching science. I don't find it terribly interesting. Our text book doesn't align with the state standards and isn't wonderful to begin with. Plus, our district had us teaching the rock cycle for five weeks. (Yeah, seriously.) Anyway, while I've been laid up on the couch all weekend I've been working on Living and Nonliving science activities. (Took me a while due to pain killers and naps) I also decided that since I really can't stand teaching science and I spent most of today creating my little activity that I would post it to Teachers Pay Teachers. I'll put the finishing touches on tomorrow and pop it up there.

Anyone else feel my pain?

Mitten Game

 I'm at home today recovering from sinus surgery and I can't believe how much snow other parts of the country are getting! So in honor of y'all with your snow days today I wanted to share a game. Earlier this year when we were learning tally marks I created a little Mitten Tally Match Up Game. It was great to use with my low babies in small group.

And hey, Happy Friday!