13 cents

 Two years ago when I was teaching fourth grade one of my fellow teachers was having one of those years. At one point, just before state testing, we were doing a review on time. The morning work question was "What time is it?" and the student wrote "13 cents."

Well this became the joke of the year. The next day I brought my teammate a gold box tied with a bow. Inside were thirteen pennies. After that any time any of us had something ridiculous happen to us the box of thirteen cents was passed on.

I had completely forgotten about this tradition until I read Mrs. Scoma's post at First Grade FUNdamentals today. I do believe she has earned 13 cents! Click on the tag to read her post!

Does your team have any traditions?


  1. I LOVE IT!!! Those kinds of traditions make being in a school family fun!

  2. Oh my goodness... that's so frustrating!! I totally understand, and thanks for the 13 cents! :-)


  3. We have got to do the 13 cents award on the TBA site, at least once a month. These stories are too funny!

    BTW- Congrats- you won the TBA giveaway- Woo hoo!

    Email me your address girl!