I feel like I've neglected y'all! It's been one of those CRAZY weeks with long meetings and me wishing I could have a mute button for my special friend. I'm working on some great ideas to share I promise!

On a lighter note...anyone else watch Idol? I feel Lauren needs an Animal Print Intervention....great band name right?

Also, Lemony Snicket was in Austin today promoting his new book "13 Words." Has anyone heard anything about this book? I think it's filled with awesome vocab!


  1. So glad to know that there are others who feel my pain! I know it will slow up soon... like mid-June :)

  2. I hear you ladies. Today was an early & late day for me. It feels like I am having more & more of those this quarter. I feel like I've been going non stop.

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  3. I LOVE idol!! I really like Lauren, I think she's so cute. Casey is my favorite though! Who do you like!?


  4. We LOVE Haley! She's so cute! Her voice is so different!