Put a little pep in your step!

 About three weeks ago my team and I decided to play Rebecca Black's song "Friday" on our iPods as students walked down the halls. We danced, we sang, we had a blast! One of my students asked, "Is it the last day of school?" He he!

Well, we've continued this every Friday and I hooked up my iPod to my iHome stereo in the hallway. Our kids LOOOOOVE it! Even the the second and third graders in our hall are dancing their way to class Friday mornings. (Also, the cast of Glee recorded a version that isn't quite so annoying. We play both version of course!) As much as the older kids protest, I do see them singing along! My students have asked if there is a song for every day of the week. We even have an end of the day dance party (if they are REALLY well behaved) and we dance into our dismissal lines.
Me: "If your a bus rider boogie on over to the line...."


I know not all teachers think this is a great idea, but it's the end of the year and we ALL need a boost! I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU (Christmas Story reference) to dance it out tomorrow morning!


  1. Ha! I've been rockin' out to that same song with my 1st graders on Friday mornings. :) My husband does the same every Friday in his middle school classroom.

  2. Tomorrow is my last day of school. If I can get the other teachers to agree to this I am definitely going to do this. It sounds like SOOOOO much fun.

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