I tried out the ESGI free trial at the beginning of the year and now I'm wondering how I lived without it! ESGI is an online assessment tool created by a kindergarten teacher genius! Here's an example of how it works: a number shows up on the computer, your student reads it, if they read it correctly you click "yes" and if they read it incorrectly you click "no." Takes two or three minutes!


Everything is saved online and parent letters and student flash cards are automatically created. Woohoo! I did the beginning of the year phonics assessment and pre-math assessment with my first grade class and printed out the letters and flashcards for my parent conferences. I loved it, and my parents loved it! It's so specific that parents know exactly what they can do to help their child. I even had one parent go home and use the flashcards with her child. She emailed me, "You were right ____ really didn't know those words! We'll be working on them at home to make sure she know them. Thanks!" I got a couple of my teammates to sign up for the free trial too. We decided to try it out and now that we know we L.O.V.E. it we're planning on writing a grant for our entire grade level in the spring. You owe it to yourself to check it out! Sign up for the free trial- why not?!

PS: Now that my free trial is almost done I'm going to purchase the license to use it for the remainder of the year. I can't wait to do the coin assessment and the digraph assessment!


  1. I agree. It is a great assessment tool. It is easy to use and gives instant results! :)

  2. I started the free trial too! It is amazing to have data just like that!!

    -Ms. Thomas

    The First Grade Jungle