I'm on fire!

 A special thanks goes out to Meghan at Inside the Classroom for awarding me with the blog on fire award!  Meghan- this year has been a little tough for me so this really made my whole weekend! I have to say blogging has changed my life and changed the way I teach. It's even changed the way I shop. Every time I pass a dollar section I don't see junk- I see a math center. I shop for stickers not to dress up  100% papers but to use in my writing center. Thanks to all out there who blog and those who follow me. I'm a better teacher because of you all! With this award I need to share seven things about myself and pass this on to seven others.

Seven things about me:
1. I heart football! I'm so glad it's football season!
2. I don't understand why we can send a camera to Mars, but we can't make cheese burn fat.
3. I am a terrible housekeeper. I have to say I don't even put in much of an effort. Maybe that should me my resolution for the new year. Poor husband.
4. I could spend hours and millions of dollars inside Barnes and Noble.
5. Terrified of spiders. There was a GIANT spider in my house on Friday and my husband wasn't home yet so I found an empty sherbet container and set it over the spider. So we're heading to bed and my husband asks, "Baby, why is there a sherbet container on the floor?" Duh. Spider.
6. I miss Seattle. I miss long sleeves. I miss the smell of rain.
7. If I win the lottery I'm hiring a personal chef, live-in maid, and a masseuse that's on-call 24 hours. How bout that?!

Here are the blogs that I'm pass this HOT award onto in no particular order!

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  1. Your sherbet container over the spider gave me a good laugh! You crack me up girl! ;) Thanks for posting all these cool blog sights. I haven't seen some of these before and I'll definitely be checking them out!

    Teaching First

  2. Congrats! I am your newest follower! Cute blog!!


  3. Thanks, Jennifer, for your kind affirmation of my blog. I'll link back to yours in tomorrow's post! I'm a pretty good cook, so if you win that lottery, keep me in mind ; D


  4. I once put a bathroom garbage can over a giant cricket that got into the house, after I ferociously sprayed it with hair spray, LOL. When my husband came home, he picked up the can and the cricket had turned completely white!
    Anyhoo, thank you so much for awarding me with this award. I will post tomorrow and thank you publicly on my blog!