T.G.I. almost Thursday!

The short weeks are always the longest! Rough day, but I got the sweetest new student today and my loving firsties welcomed her right away! I think she was a little overwhelmed by how many students wanted to be friends and be a helper for her.

A couple of weeks ago Rebecca at Teaching First was doing a giveaway of a science literacy bag. (You can see the post here) I, of course, scoped out the website and I'm so intrigued. The bags are from Teacher Bag Books and Beyond and after looking at them I'm convinced I must have some. I also thought it would be a great gift to do the bag a month for one of my friends daughters. She is VERY four and very sassy and she simply isn't that interested in reading. Today Ms. Kerri at Ms. Kerri's Krazy Kindergarten blogged about a literacy bag she made for her own classroom. (Way cute!) Do you use literacy bags? Do you use them every week? Just for one particular group?  I would love to incorporate them some how! Tell me more!


  1. I have been buying the Target Dollar Bags to use with my lit bag ideas...I've done them in the past, but they were more toward the levelized level, rather than the topic. I want to do the topic. I have a friend down the hall that does them and the kids LOVE them. She has a reflection book that they sign. =)Jennifer
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Here are mine:


    My students take them home Monday and bring back Friday.


  3. It made me so happy to be reading your post and see my name in it. Thanks!