Virtual Teaching Expo Question and Answer

 Good morning and welcome to all of the VTE participants! I hope you are enjoying the Virtual Teaching Expo as much as I am! Feel free to leave me questions and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

As promised I have created an RTI Shopping List for you as well as some cute RTI Binder Covers.

I also have the RTI tiers video below and a few links that you may find helpful.
NCLD Talks
National Center on Response to Intervention
Chart of Progress Monitoring Tools


  1. Wow! I am so impressed and thankful for watching your video! So my biggest question for now (until I take this to my principal and get her to buy it too, to show us all at my school) is with the scheduling your school has for the 40 min. block, what are your other students who do not need tier 2 intervention doing? Or did I misunderstand that part? Totally possible because this is all so new to me, but I'm so thankful that you make it seem not so overwhelming! Thanks so much!
    - Leslie

  2. Great question Leslie! Sorry for not addressing this in my presentation. During our 40 minute window students have a few options: they can do math centers that I have taken out of rotation, some other word work centers that I know I can't fit in during the week, games, or puzzles. They can also read with a buddy or read by themselves. I have several sets of partner scripts. Some of those are just fun poems that I've split up for partners (lots of Shel Silverstein). I have some students on the computers- but those are students that I have asked to get on for a phonics program. I leave one computer open so that students can take an AR test if they want to as well. **Before doing ANY of these things students MUST finish their unfinished work first!

  3. Thanks for the freebies and super job on your presentation Jennifer!

    The Organized Classroom Blog

  4. I love all your ideas. I already have a data binder but I agree with you that it is so difficult to keep track of everything in different locations.
    I do have one question: Can you tell me the difference between the Avery label you write for the whole small group and the purple post it? They both seems to say what is going on in the group. Is the purple one more individualized? Do you write one for each student when you meet with them during RTI time?

  5. Laura- Yes, the purple notes are individualized. So if you meet with a group of three students you have to write a separate note for each student. BUT when you go to your data team meeting you can talk about how you met the needs of the group in small group as well as the individual interventions. I have a friend in class that I meet with at least three times a week one-on-one, plus once or twice with other struggling students, plus he is on our phonics program on the computer for twenty minutes at least three times/week. All of that has been recorded on purple notes and is in his section of the binder. *I even add when I have DRA tested students and what level they are now on.

  6. Thank you for your freebies and great workshop!