What I'm Thankful For Linky Party!

What the Teacher Wants is hosting a wonderful linky party to post about what you are thankful for.

1. What are you thankful for in your classroom? I am thankful for my wonderful students and my projector! I use that bad boy every day!

2. What person are you most thankful for? My husband. He's pretty awesome and he's my very best friend. But I also have to say I am so thankful for my team. It's the dream team. The team that once someone moves away will never be the same. I will never find another group of ladies that are so caring, funny, supportive, and sweet. Love them!

3. What 3 blogs are you most thankful for? I am most thankful for my bloggy BFF's Rebecca from Teaching First and Caitlin from Ms. Preppy. I feel like I know them both even though we've never actually met in person. And I swear if we were on the same team at the same school we would have super powers....we might even wear capes and unitards. They are so dedicated to teaching and I love swapping stories with them! I'm also very thankful for Teaching Blog Addict. Being a part of TBA has been such a blessing and I've found so much inspiration from the teachers and blogs I've found through TBA.

Teaching First

4. What guilty pleasure are you most thankful for? I'm seriously going to say it- Twilight. I'm so excited to see the newest flick tomorrow with my girlfriends! I watched all three of the previous movies this weekend to get all refreshed! Love feeling like a teenager again!

5. What are you most thankful for? There are so many things I'm thankful for, but you would have to understand all the drama behind this statement. I am thankful that my cat is on Prozac. You just don't even want to know the details, but things were very bad and I told my cat many times "I think I hear Jesus calling!" Thankfully, with a bad tooth pulled, a food allergy figured out, and Prozac she is back to being the good kitty she was when I brought her home from the pound four years ago.

Be sure to link up- it's so much fun reading what everyone else has written!


  1. Um........YOUR CAT IS ON PROZAC???? AHHHH!!! Who knew they could be heavily medicated and sedated! HA! :) well I'm glad all is back to normal!


    Cute blog design too!

  2. I am oh so thankful for you too! And for your stories. Today two of my little friends glued their turkey's wattles between the turkey's legs. Oopsie! And I just wished you were next door to me so we could chuckle immaturely.

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  3. Your cat is on Prozac???? I am cracking up!!! :)
    I see Breaking Dawn tomorrow with some of my teammates. Can't wait!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Hey friend!! I am soo thankful for your emails and hilarious sense of humor! I can always count on your emails to crack me up....especially the one where when I get stressed out that things can always be worse..."You could have poo in the desk!" Bah ha ha ha!!! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Rock on Sweet Rocker!
    Teaching First

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'd like to give you the Sunshine Award. I love your blog.

     Chrissy

    First Grade Found Me

  6. I cannot wait to go see Twilight this weekend!!