Holy Cow!

First, Mrs. Patton at Patton's Patch just shared a technology tool she used and I'm already so PSYCHED about it! She used Xtranormal Video to create a recording of a word problem. The she saved them in QR codes and printed the codes onto folders as a math activity. Can you say BRILLIANT?! I love it! And my kids will love it too and then they are going to BEG to make their own. Which I'm ALL over! I created my own already.  I saved my url for my video at QR Code Kaywa (an easy QR code generator). I have a QR code scanner on my phone and one on my iPads too. Check out my word problem:
Or...if you don't have a QR code scanner app yet click here

How cool, right?! (By the way, my husband was not very amused that I used him in my word problem. But he really does eat lots of cookies....and I told my kids that too!)

And...I've just signed up for the next Virtual Teaching Expo- it's all about teaching kindergarten. I know, I know....I teach FABULOUS FIRST GRADERS! BUT- I think kinder teachers are all kinds of amazing and you just never know when you'll end up teaching another grade. I can't wait!

On an unrelated note- I keep seeing that Jack in the Box commercial and now I can't stop singing "Jumbaco, Jumbaco, Jumbaco!"

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


  1. AMAZING!!! This is awesome :) Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great night :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  2. I didn't know that box was called a QR code . . . just amazing . . . oh, and I'm laughing about your husband and those cookies . . . thin mints by any chance??


  3. Aggg I hate that commercial because it ALWAYS gets stuck in my head!!!! Lol :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  4. That is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing the tip! I'm going to try it out tomorrow! Have a great night! :) PS- One of my kids came to school singing that Jumbaco song the other day! :) Have a great night!!!

  5. I've been playing with this all day long! LOVE it! Can you tell me how you got your QR code to go to the movie without the rest of your movies showing? I can create the QR code with the URL address, but the code takes the kids to the page where all my movies are present and just the one is playing.

  6. Jumbaco! Jumbaco! Haha! I sing that to my husband! :) I wish I was that tech savvy to do those codes. I just got a new phone, it has a touch screen....but no internet/3G stuff. We're holding out as long as possible! ~Heidi V.

    Shout out to the Heidi who posted above me! :)

  7. Ok, that was really cool!! I must try it!!!Thanks for sharing!!!