National Board Certification

Hey all....
I'm seriously considering starting the National Board Certification process. Are you going through the process? Or have you? I'd love to know what you think about it!


  1. I got mine about 8 years ago. I will be honest, I started the process because of the monetary incentive and the fact that I received a scholarship for the entire fee. But after completing the process, I was amazed at how much I grew as a teacher and how much I learned. It causes you to be reflective of what you do and why. It was a worthwhile project. =)
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  2. I got mine a few years ago too...I did it because of the monetary incentive. I'm not gonna lie - it's a LONG and HARD will be your life for a good 9-12 months!! I met with mentors almost every weekend and even some weekdays after school. And the test?? Yeah...I hated that part. But, for the portfolio, I really did grow as a teacher, a lot of self-reflection.
    BUT, our district no longer pays us for having our NBCT, I'm not sure if I would have gone through with it if I wouldn't have gotten compensated.
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  3. I am thinking about starting mine next year!!!


  4. oh, but although I don't get paid for it anymore, it did cancel 2 of my classes for my masters!! Which was a great deal too!!

  5. My district doesn't offer a monetary incentive. I'm thinking a few years ahead here. My husband and I want to make it back to the Northwest and I know how competitive the teaching field is. I was hoping this would help me stand out from the crowd!

  6. I got mine NBCT in Early Childhood and I was pregant at the time! It was so very doable. I started the process becuase I needed to renew my certification and Washington state offers an incentive (for now) but I really felt like I got more out of it than going through another avenue for recertification. Putting together the portfolio was such a refelctive process (the test not so much). It took me 9 months to complete the entire process and I usually spent 1-2 days a week working on it or meeting with my cohort. If you go for it I wish you the best!


  7. I would definitely recommend becoming a National Board Teacher. The process is long and hard, but I am a better teacher because of it. The reflections really made me think about what I was doing with my students and why I was doing it.

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  8. It is definitely worth it, but a lot of work so know that before you start! I actually told my husband "See you in June!" Luckily he was very supportive and able to take over responsibilities for me. They say 200-400 hours, and honestly, it was closer to 400! But I would do it again! It really makes you better!

  9. Hi! Did you see the movie Mitchell 20 (i think that's the name)...that was an insightful view to many teachers at the same school going for their National Boards.

    As I talk to more and more people, National Boards sounds more in depth than my Masters was. I'm almost wondering now if I should have done National Boards instead.

    Good luck to you!


  10. It is the best thing you can do for yourself as a teacher and for every student that will ever walk into your classroom. It is such a rewarding and self reflecting experience.

  11. It is a lot of H-A-R-D work, but is is the most worthwhile thing I've done! I learned so much about myself. I spent many, many days and weekends working on it, and missed out on "fun" things. It truly made me think about "why" I did the things I did in my classroom! I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm a better teacher because of the process. I'm finishing my masters this semester, and I feel that I learned more from the year of working on NB certification.

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  12. I'm so glad you write this post I was considering it to {maybe next year} and was wondering if it was worth it as well. I work for a charter and have no clue if we get any extra $ for it.

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  13. I just certified this year. It was incredibly intense and spent every weekend for months locked in the house to get it all finished. Looking back on it now, it was an incredible experience and I would do it all over again!!

  14. Thinking seriously about doing it next year. I finished my masters last year and hear it provides a nice foundation for the National Board Process. Unfortunately, my state doesn't help with the cost anymore other than loaning you the money. I have one child in college & one getting his license this week. Can we say, "Cha Ching!"

  15. I went through the process a couple of years ago. Just as other's have commented above, it was an AMAZING amount of work. It really did take such focus that every thing else in my life took the backseat. It was much more labor intensive than my master's degree, but again, it was also much more meaningful and eye opening to my own teaching.

  16. I'm thinking about getting mine, too!

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  17. I got my Early Childhood certification in 2009. It was one of the BEST things I've ever done, and would do it again!! I highly recommend it!!!

  18. Oh goodness, it is the BEST thing I ever did for myself and students! I learned so much about myself as a teacher and honestly, it was a thousand times more difficult than getting my masters. I was a banker-I did my 2nd year of masters and national boards at the same time-so I had to redo one entry. So, it ended up being 2 years for me! LOL, the payoff is so worth it though! I am getting ready to pay to renew so I will be living on 4 or 5 hours of sleep for the next few months. Hopefully you work with wonderful people who will help you out at school if you need it. I highly suggest going through the process with a co-worker or teacher friend....I know my buddy helped me in more ways than one-even if it was only that she knew how stressed and give out I was! Good Luck! I wish someone would start a blog for National Boards............wouldn't that be wonderful to bounce ideas around with each other?

    If I can help, just let me know!

  19. Wow, I think everyone who commented basically said the same thing ... it was the best thing they ever did ... and they received certification.

    I went through the process and unfortunately did not pass. When I redid two of my entries during my second year I received a score of 2.74. So I decided to go for it one more year--the third and final year. I poured my heart and soul into my resubmission and got lots of feed back from others before resubmitting. My final score: 2.74 ... AGAIN! Oh, did you know you have to have a 2.75 to pass???

    So after 3 long hard years and being just shy of passing two years in a row, I finally said good-bye to the dream. I don't know if it changed me or not. I'm still too close to the sting of "failing." (They tell you if you don't certify you're not a failure, but ..........)

    So, if you decide to go for it, and seriously I would recommend it, get lots of support. Join a cohort, if available. Start early and plan out your year to even out the load. In the process, make sure you schedule some time for yourself and family. It's okay to put the entries away for a weekend every now and then. Just make sure you are making this pursuit high on your list of priorities.

    Good luck!!!