Valentine's Day stuff!

Ok, is there something in the air? My students have NOT been behaving well. I gave a serious chat to them Friday about how I really want to do so many fun things with them, but we will simply have no time for them if I have to stop every two minutes. They nodded solemnly. And I went on to say that I spend lots of time making cute activities for them for centers using all my cute clip art and maybe I should just stop doing that since their behavior is showing me that those cute activities don't matter to them. There was a collective gasp. I think my message sank it. In fact I know it did because one little girl whispered, "That would be awful." She also told my principal when I was gone that she was ashamed that our class was not listening to the sub very well one morning. Ha!

Anyhoo...after my very serious chat we played the I have who has game that I posted last week here. I had a request for a second version with 32 cards. I have it here below. Just click on the picture to grab your copy!

After we finished playing one of my boys suggested that I make a "Valentime" version with "Valentime" words. He's such a smartie! I think he knows my secret....I'm so addicted to clip art and cute fonts that I couldn't possibly stop making them things. Here is a "Valentime" version of I have who has. There are 12 cards so you'll have to use this in small group or make a couple of sets and split your class. Click on the picture for your copy!

I have also, finally finally finally, made a word board for the writing center with February words. You can purchase it for $1 at my TPT or Teachers Notebook store.

Off to pick up my hubby from the airport! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Adorable! I love this and the clip art is so cute :) Is swear there is something in the air, my kiddos had the sub crying last week when I wasn't there! Have a great rest of your weekend!

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  2. I agree - definitely something in the air!

    Thanks for the Valentine I Have Who Has!! Perfect for my 12 kids... all the other I Have Who Has games have soooo many more cards than I can use!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. The sad thing is they only remember our heart felt lectures for about 2 minutes and then it happens again...grrr. Such cute things you make too!

  4. I love the clip art. Is it from Lettering Delights?

  5. Love the I Have Who Has game! Thanks so much for the freebie! :)
    Kim at

  6. My students have been misbehaving like crazy lately too! I had multiple discussions with them about it this week and it just doesn't seem to be helping much. There was a full moon the other day--I'm telling you, that's what it has to be! :)


    The Mis-Adventures of a First Year Teacher

  7. I have seriously had the exact same discussion with my kids ("I work really hard to make fun centers for you and I spend my money and blah, blah, blah"). JENNIFER - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THE EXTRA CARDS!!! YOU ROCK!!!! THANK YOU! Glad your hubby is home in time for Valentine's Day. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  8. Thanks for sharing. I love them. I'm wanting to do some magic e stuff with my higher kids and they'll love playing this game. We've had some rough days this past week too. I'm confident this week will be so much better. There was a full moon last week and I firmly believe full moons = crazy. My fiance doesn't agree with me but then again he's never been in the elementary school during one.

  9. Guesssss what!!!??? I got your Valentines present in the mail today!! I totally should have waited until tomorrow to open it, but I couldn't!! I love it!! SOO CUTE!! Thanks so much!! I didn't realize you were from Austin..I am coming to Austin on Friday for the first time! If you have any places to go out or restaurants..things to do..any recommendations, I would love it! I am running the rock and roll marathon there on Sunday :) My email is (if you have worries if you don't!!)

    Thanks again!!!
    Kindergarten Smiles

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