Boy, oh boy! I administered STAAR test today and yesterday and I am so exhausted! (STAAR is the state test here in Texas. I know, the name makes me want to gag. No lie- the power point introducing this new test was called A STAAR is BORN)

But I rewarded myself yesterday and saw Hunger Games with some girlfriends! OH.MY.WORD. It is FABULOUS!

And speaking of fabulous....Peter Brown, who is one of my most favorite authors and illustrators, has a book called The Curious Garden. It's about a boy named Liam who stumbles upon a garden that isn't quite making it. He decides to help the garden. And the garden gets curious about the city and starts growing. It's so sweet! Perfect for Earth Day and how we can all make a difference. It can lead to discussions about seeing the beauty in things, perseverance, etc. And, I just saw this on Peter Brown's website, that this story is based around the High Line in New York City. The High Line is an abandoned railway that is overgrown with flowers. There are some great photos to show your class here.


  1. That book looks really great!

    So are you going to announce anything or text me anything official???? (talking house here)

    Boo to STAAR testing.

  2. If I saw a powerpoint called "The STAAR is born" I would probably throw up. That is just ridic!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. We use that book at our school to teach the learner profile curiosity. After we read our students reflected on what curiosity meant and how Liam was curious. My students loved it too!

  4. I think I would love that book!

    Grade ONEderful