The Great Tooth Mystery

This weekend we moved from a house to an apartment. Not easy to downsize. NOT any fun to move.
But Saturday morning was beautiful and I was psyched to get the move started. Right away I heard the new Jennifer Lopez song. I LOVED it! So much that I downloaded it to my phone. But by the end of Sunday night I had heard that song 30 times.

I no longer want to Dance. And Love. And Dance. Again.....EVER

I'm totally beat, but the new place is coming along.

This morning I opened my desk drawer to grab food for the tadpoles. Sitting in my drawer was A TOOTH! A child's tooth. With blood on it! EWWWWW!
*I do not DO teeth. Don't wiggle them in front of me, please. I can do any injury on the playground, any bleeding, so long as it's not from your mouth. My children know this. They love me so much they never try to show me their wiggly teeth.

So I see the tooth. Scream. Then I'm saying, "EW! _________, get it out! Get it out! OUT! And then wash your hands!"

So. Very. Disgusting.

Then I was laughing probably because I'm so exhausted from moving all weekend. And also, it is kind of funny. But still NO OK.

Could this be a prank?

"Y'all, does this belong to any of you?" No one.

I ask one of my loves to go ask the teacher above me, good friend and prankster, if she did it. She claims she didn't. "Where would I get a tooth Jen?"

So this afternoon we wrote about the Great Tooth Mystery. Where did this mysterious tooth come from? Or rather, WHO did it come from? How did it get into my drawer?

The kids had great stories. Some think it fell out of the tooth fairy's bag, several think it was another first grade teacher, others think it was the teacher above me. One student wrote a story with him as the lead detective. He even put out an alert about the tooth! Ha! Hope your Monday was a little less dramatic then mine!

But, seriously, where did that tooth come from?!


  1. That's bizarre. I hope you figure it out. Glad the move went well.

    First in Maine

  2. What a funny story about the mystery tooth!! I was laughing outloud!! I think it was a great idea to have your kids write about it. I'm sure they all went home and told their parents about it. Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. I love that song too! I promise that dangle did not bring it to you! Although it could have fallen from the tooth fairy's bag...

  4. Hmm that is quite interesting! I love how you turned it into a writing activity!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. Love that you turned it into a writing activity! What a great idea! However so very funny and I am sitting here still giggling as I write this comment!!!


  6. That's funny!
    I would have liked to see the students' stories! I bet they were creative. Hope you figure it out!
    Sample’s Superstars

  7. Haha! I loved your part about the J Lo song. I haven't heard it enough to get sick of it but I can see that can happen!!

    And that is super disgusting about the tooth. Yikes!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  8. What a fun story! I agree about the teeth... yuck. So glad I found your fun blog.. I'm a new follower!