I heart school goodies!

Hey y'all! If you read my post yesterday I wanted to give you a quick update. My kids LOVED the story and we all agreed that the illustrations were absolutely beautiful! One of my loyal followers, Christy, posted a link to this great echolocation video that your kids will love! Warning: you'll be singing it all day long! Thank you Christy!

So the title of this post is "I heart school goodies!" and it's true. I could spend all day buying cute things for my classroom. Big problem: the teacher store is SO FAR AWAY from me that it truly has to be something I cannot live without for me to want to go there! Well, MPM School Supplies asked me to do a little shopping and let post about my experience. Y'all they have EVERYTHING you can think of. I bought dice in dice! I have wanted some for ages, but the price at my teacher store is CUH-razy!
Their site is easy to use, shipping was super quick, prices were very teacher-wallet friendly too. They had so many items my local teacher store doesn't have for bulletin boards. I found the cutest Thanksgiving bulletin board set and couldn't help myself! I bought one set for me and one for a friend. Our bulletin boards will be so cute! 

Give their site a try if you're looking for more goodies for your classroom!
Click HERE to shop! 


  1. Hi Jennifer!

    We're so excited that you were able to find some fun supplies for your classroom and that your shopping experience with MPM School Supplies was a positive one!

    I heart school goodies - and super cute teacher blogs like yours! - and am always checking Pinterest and the teacher blogosphere to see what everybody is using in their classrooms. I am LOVING your navy and pink nautical/chevron theme, by the way :)

    Thanks again for checking us out and for taking the time to share your thoughts! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


  2. I looooove those dice and I'm jazzed to see where I can order more.

    I played that YouTube clip of the echolocation song last week for my kiddos....maybe about a bazillion time. It was totally stuck in my head...all. day. long.

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