Tell Me Something Good- Christmas Style!

*Don't you love the blinky in the corner and that it's SNOWING on my blog?! I had to get snow somehow! Big thanks to Barbara who has the blog  Grade ONEderful and also does blog design at Ruby Slippers Blog Designs! Be sure to check her out!*
I have the NORAD Santa app on my phone.  I just opened it and saw that Santa was coming in just 14 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes, and 38 seconds! WHAT?! Where is the time going?! So before it's time for Santa to pay us a visit I thought I would have another Tell Me Something Good linky- Christmas style!

Just like always tell me something good that's happening your classroom or school, and something good from home! I'd also LOVE for you to share something good you've purchased for a gift in the past or something you've gotten or are planning to purchase this year! (I'm in need of some ideas for my husband!)

Something good from school: My kids are in great holiday spirit! We've been listening to Christmas music every day and I just love hearing them sing along! I've also discovered that on You Tube there are Wii Just Dance Kids videos. They make for a great body break. OR if you have someone throw up in your room, like me on Friday, then you pile into another teachers classroom and have a dance party! It's AWESOME!

Something good at home: Y'all will think this is strange, but this time last year I was thankful for Prozac for my cat because she is nuts. She pulls out the fur on her belly when she is nervous or upset and without Prozac she was half bald. She is no longer on Prozac! Yahoooooooooo!

Gifts purchased in the past: For my husband the techie past gifts- An Apple TV, Logitech Harmony Remote, Roku, Bose noise canceling headphones. But I have no idea what to get him this year!

Now it's your turn to link up! Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Jenn! Some gift ideas I have used with my husband in the past are actually like surprise events since my husband is great at buying boy toys/gadgets on his own. :) I have purchased his plane ticket and portion of a chalet for a surprise ski trip with his best buddies, a few hours at a gun range with my oldest son since both of them had never fired a real gun before, a few hours on a guided dolphin tour on waverunners with my oldest three sons, a sky-diving day with his younger brother because it was something he always talked about doing, cruise tickets for him and I (they are pretty inexpensive around this time of year), and so on. I figured these gifts created extra special memories that he'd never forget. Hope these ideas help you out some.

  2. So happy I found you and this linky :) It's great to think positive, especially around this time!! I wrote on my gift giving that I love giving (and receiving) gift cards!! You can get whatever you want, and have fun shopping!! I have also been very crafty this Christmas due to no money... but they are very meaningful :)


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