This week in our Journeys series we learned about the moon. We learned that the moon has craters and is covered in dust. We learned that space suits protect us from the sun and the cold while we are on the moon too. It's one of my favorite stories in our journeys series because the photos used in the story are incredible!

There is a super cute book written by Mark Kelly, a retired astronaut, called 

It's about a mouse that gets to go up into space with astronauts. He is the smallest of the mice, but also the hardest worker. But he wonders how he can help the astronauts on their mission. I won't spoil the story but it's very cute and my students just loved it. The illustrations are wonderful too!

I also added an app to my iPads at school for the kids to mess with called Astro App. Students can read about different astronauts and missions. They can also take a picture of themselves and suit up into a space suit. BIG HIT!

NASA has a Kids Club site complete with games and videos for kids too. *It requires some higher reading skills* for reading instructions.