Cereal Box Skip Counting

I KNOW all you great kindergarten teachers out there practice skip counting and we've practiced skip counting all year too! But there are still a couple of my first graders who are struggling with their skip counting. I have an easy solution! I had asked students to bring in cereal boxes once they were finished with them. Today I threw together a few stations. Through a little trial and error, and some very willing and helpful kids, I decided this is my favorite set up.

I like that my struggling students know the starting and ending pieces are the smallest. I also alternated colors. When students think they are finished they flip the pieces over to see if the cereal box is made correctly.

Of course, the possibilities are endless here. You could alphabetize or match up antonyms, etc. 

We also worked on our Something's Fishy Compound Words stations today. I have a new student who has been very shy and when she found a match she was so excited. It was just what she needed!


  1. Great idea for the cereal boxes, thanks! :)

  2. What a neat idea. I think I will ask for some cereal boxes!

  3. I really like the idea of using something that would otherwise be thrown out. Lots of fun, low cost, earth friendly... what more could anyone ask for?

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