Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!

Here in Texas today was the first day of STAAR testing. That's the state test here in Texas. Every year I read Hooray for Diffendoofer Day to my students on the first day of testing! When I taught fourth grade I read it the day before the test. It's a Seuss book with a little help from a couple of other famous authors!

The whole story is about the students of Diffendoofer school (it's diffendooferous) who have to take a test. If they don't pass they have to go to dreary Flobbertown! 

"All the schools for miles and miles around
Must take a special test,
To see who's learning such and such-
To see which school's the best.
If our small school does not do well,
Then it will be torn down,
And you will have to go to school
In dreary Flobbertown."

{sounds familiar, doesn't it?}

In the end the kids pass the test with flying colors because they really knew everything! Their teachers had taught them everything they needed to know!

It has a positive message and for my first graders they were smiling and started talking to each other about how they knew their older brothers and sisters were going to do so well on the test!


  1. Umm love this and now must go buy it. You are not helping my spending freeze!!!

  2. We love this book! It is great for testing situations.

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. Great! I honestly am pretty sure I own this book and have never actually read it! Tomorrow might be the day because our fourth graders are testing too.

    Literacy Spark

  4. I have never read this book {shocked face} and now I'm going to be on the lookout for it on my next Books a Million/coffee run! I hope the older kiddos at your school will ROCK the test!
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  5. So glad STAAR testing is over (for now), and even though first graders are not in a "testing" grade I bet it still affects them. Diffendoofer is a great read!
    Swersty’s Swap Shop

  6. Never heard of this book! It is so perfect! I need to get a copy! The book buying spree will never end!


  7. So cute! Thanks for sharing this idea!

    ~Heidi V.