I'm baaaack....with Goofy Grammar

I'm baaaaack!

Thank you, Carol Ann.

I'm really AM back! I've been struggling these past few weeks with possibly moving to a different district. A couple of months ago I applied at another district with full intentions of accepting any position I could get. Then some changes were made at my current school. Really POSITIVE changes and I started to doubt my decision to leave. I went on an interview at this other district and then began to panic about whether moving right now would be the right decision. (This other district is an AMAZING district too!) Several other things happened in my personal life at the same time and I just became overwhelmed.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  

In April I posted a super fun grammar freebie that you can sang here. I mentioned that if it was received well that I would think about making a whole set. Well....it took me like a million years with all of my personal drama, but I did finally make a set for my literacy centers. If you do Daily 5 it will fit nicely with word work. My class did one of them today and want to do more. With only 5 days left of school I'll make sure they get to do a few more!

Your students will love these because they wind up so nutty! Your reluctant readers will want to read them over and over again and with the choices already there every student can be successful!

I will happily send a copy on to the first three people to leave a comment with their email address!

App Obsession

Do you remember playing games made by Ravensburger? I'm an 80's baby and we had a bunch of games with that blue triangle in the bottom corner growing up. Well now Ravensburger has an app that I can't get enough of! It's called Take it Easy. I'm pretty sure it's meant for children, but I can't stop playing it!

Each game is a puzzle. You are given puzzle pieces one at a time and you try to fit them together to make points.  It really requires some thinking and planning.

In the first game you cannot rotate pieces or move them after they have been placed so it's REALLY challenging. You can see a video of the app right HERE. It's an app that's great for students of all ages....and maybe for grown-ups too. It's $1.99 and worth every penny.

How Well Do You Know Your Teacher?

I hope everyone has been having a great Teacher Appreciation Week. My kids have been very sweet to me and one girl brought me double chocolate chip cookies and said, "You don't even have to share." Damn right I don't have to share! They are MY cookies. This morning I received a whole pack of pens in all different colors. SWOON! Love me some office supplies. 

I wanted my kids to have a little something fun to do tomorrow related to Teacher Appreciation Week so I created a quick survey for them. {page 2 is has HE instead of SHE for all you FABULOUS male teachers!} Click on the picture for your copy! 

Paper by Dreamlike Magic

And, dear bloggy friends, I surely appreciate you! Thanks for all of your support and kindness! XO!