How Well Do You Know Your Teacher?

I hope everyone has been having a great Teacher Appreciation Week. My kids have been very sweet to me and one girl brought me double chocolate chip cookies and said, "You don't even have to share." Damn right I don't have to share! They are MY cookies. This morning I received a whole pack of pens in all different colors. SWOON! Love me some office supplies. 

I wanted my kids to have a little something fun to do tomorrow related to Teacher Appreciation Week so I created a quick survey for them. {page 2 is has HE instead of SHE for all you FABULOUS male teachers!} Click on the picture for your copy! 

Paper by Dreamlike Magic

And, dear bloggy friends, I surely appreciate you! Thanks for all of your support and kindness! XO!


  1. That's such a cute idea! I can already picture what my kids would write for some of those answers! :)


    1. Mine were pretty funny! One girl said that I really didn't like the light blue smelly marker! SO TRUE!

  2. aww! How cute I love this :) Thanks for sharing


  3. Hey Jennifer!! I love your freebie "how well do you know your teacher". This will be so fun to do with my students---especially during our half days in two weeks-thanks for sharing!!!!
    -Lovely Nina

  4. I love that survey. I bet you get some hilarious responses. Thanks for sharing it!
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