Teach Like a Pirate Chapters 8&9

*A day late in my post y'all! So sorry. Internet was working on everything BUT my computer. I don't know what I did this morning to get it working again, but it seems like all is back to normal!*

These chapters talk about presentational hooks and adding some movement to your lessons. 
I LOVED these chapters because Dave Burgess gives several questions and idea hooks to get you thinking outside the box. As I read the chapter I was picturing some different ways I could spice up my lessons for this school year. It's so much easier to be enthusiastic about a lesson when you see how your students are positively responding to it. He tells a great story about a history lesson he taught that had the students SO engaged in what they learned that I know they will never forget it. 

Don't be afraid to have fun! You have permission, Dave Burgess said so. 

I don't want to give too much away about this chapter, but so y'all know I have highlighted most of Chapter 9! 

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