Teach Like a Pirate Chapter 13: Stand and Deliver

Do you think of yourself as a public speaker? I don't usually, but WE ARE! We speak to little people all day! They are an audience that I'm very comfortable with. I've presented to adults before, but for some reason that's a little more difficult.

But there's no need to be afraid!

There are more really wonderful hooks in here to get you thinking! You won't have any time to be nervous!

A couple of my favorites are from the Swimming with Sharks Hooks:

Can I participate in the activity?
Is there a different place, or multiple places, that I can present from for the sake of novelty?

I absolutely LOVE participating with the class in an activity and I've just got to do it more. The students love for me to be on the floor or working in a group with them. And they REALLY love it if I take out my camera and let them take pictures of me participating.

Dave Burgess says talks a bit about how teachers are so used to standing front and center presenting a lesson to their students who are seated in their rows of desks.
I am so very guilty of this. But the more I read this book the more I keep looking back at lessons and see how they can be improved. 

Another hook that I loved was from Backwards Hooks:

Can I tell them the end of the story and let them figure out and discover the beginning and the middle?

How awesome would our students think that was?! And why the heck haven't I thought of that?! Dave Burgess is brilliant I tell ya! 

Lynda from Curls and a Smile hosted Chapter 13. Go check out her amazing posts!

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  1. Love the visuals! I agree the more I read the hooks and the examples shared, the more I can see how I can improve my presentations. Totally doable.

    2 Smart Wenches