Teach Like a Pirate Chapter 14: Advanced Tactics

More hooks! Dave Burgess has even more great hooks in this chapter. I've highlighted several and below are a few of my favorites.

The Mission Impossible Hooks:

How can I design my lesson so that my students are trying to unravel and solve a mystery?
I love this idea! I started working on something for the end of the school year but never quite finished it. I would love for my students to have to solve a big mystery. You could incorporate so much into this lesson with reading and math and social studies. Years ago at a previous school there was a bulletin board in our third grade hallway that had 50 clues for the 50 states. Students had to use computers, encyclopedias, and books to find the answers. The first 5 students to have all of the answer correct won a pizza party. It was so much fun! 

Can they be provided with a treasure map or sent on a scavenger hunt through your content?
I love this idea too! I think having the kids race all over to find clues about a lesson would have them so entertained. I also thought that it would be a great way to incorporate parent volunteers. 

The Reality TV Hooks:

How can I design my lesson to take advantage of the popularity of reality tv?
So, my options are a little limited with first graders as far as how many kids are watching a show. I have done a voting and graphing activity with American Idol. I did it for about four years. It was a blast. At the time I was team teaching so all the students who watched American Idol came in and voted in the morning. We tallied and graphed the votes and made predictions for who might not make it to the next round. {American Idol was an easy one to use because there seems to be nothing else on that's new when American Idol premieres.} Even if students weren't watching the show they were able to get practice with key skills. It made things fun!

The Techno Whiz Hooks:

How can technology help to connect my students to people from all over the world and help them gain a global perspective?
I would love for my students to be able to explore other places. The Smithsonian website allows for a virtual tour. There are lots of virtual field trips on the web too. Maybe you could even create a scavenger hunt with a virtual field trip?! 

Melissa from Dilly Dabbles is hosting this chapter! Be sure to see her great suggestions for these hooks!


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