A Must Have for kinder and first grade classrooms

Happy Saturday y'all! A short time ago I was contacted by EAI Education to do a product review. I chose to review the Quiet Shape Connecting Ten Frames Boards
As you can see from the picture the ten frames can connect to each other so you can be counting up by tens. The red and yellow counters are some type of hard foam and are a snug fit inside the ten frame. Having my students place them inside the ten frame and pull them out was great fine motor practice. And they are QUIET! 

I used these in small group work this week. First I had my students who are struggling just show me numbers up to ten. 

I had other groups show me numbers up to twenty or thirty by connecting the ten frames.  Later in the week I asked students to model addition sentences/problems using the ten frames.

I created a little freebie to go with this activity. After I printed and cut the addition problems and the matching ten frames I laminated them back-to-back so that I can put this activity into a center and students can check to see if they have modeled the problem correctly.

Click on the pic to download your freebie

I'm in love with these! My teammates saw them and they all want to try them too. EAI has this product and tons of other great products as well. I ordered some book bags just last weekend. If you order $25 or more in products you can get free shipping with this code: RIFGFS2013
This code is good from now until the end of the year! Sweet!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I love this! Thanks for the freebie, too!

  2. Thank you for sharing! We are departmentalizing this year and I am teaching science/math. This will be a great addition to my math stations!
    Teachin' First