On our way to WOW

This year I have really focused on improving how I teach writing. I've been using my All the Write Moves pack and referring to the posters. Last week when we had our Pumpkinpalooza we learned about adjectives as well. We made a cute poster that you can see HERE.

Monday I wrote out very basic sentences on sentence strips. I started with
I have a pumpkin. It is big. My pumpkin is from a pumpkin patch. I will carve it into a jack-o-lantern.

Then we talked about how we could add some adjectives to create more interesting details. I added the details that my class wanted in purple. (This was also a great opportunity to discuss that every new sentence does NOT begin on a new line :-D)

Yesterday (Tuesday) I gave my students a piece of writing paper and told them that they had to draw a picture of exactly what I said. So I said, "I have a pumpkin." My students quickly drew a pumpkin and eagerly grabbed their crayons. 
"HOLD ON! How do you know what color my pumpkin is? How do you know how big it is? Do you know what the texture of my pumpkin is?"
(Ok, they didn't, but I swear there was a glow in the room)
"Mrs. Tice we have to add details!"

I had them turn the paper over and start with the sentence "I have a pumpkin." Then they had to add details about how their pumpkin looked. As an added challenge I asked them to try not to start every sentence with the same word. Illustrations of their pumpkin had to match the details of their sentences and I asked them to write before they drew their pictures. (I have some kiddos that would gladly spend an hour drawing and not write one word.)

I was BLOWN away with the results. They did so well! We all shared our writing and showed the class our pictures.

Today (Wednesday) we reviewed what we had learned about adding details. Today in our writing station students could choose from three different sentence starters. They had to add details and draw an illustration to match. 

I have this great mini pocket chart that I bought in the Target dollar section last year before school started. The pockets are really deep and I wish it was pink, but for now it will do just fine.

Look at how some of their writing came out! Most of them are going to continue to work on this same writing in our stations tomorrow. I left some notes on Post-Its for my kids this afternoon. A note from the teacher is always special!

I'm SO PROUD of this little guy's writing. He has come SO far from the first start of school when he didn't know letter sounds! 

If you try this in your own class I would love to see or hear how your students did!


  1. Brilliant!!! I am so doing this!!

  2. I love your progression through the week with this skill! I am keeping this one in mind for future reference! Thanks so much!!!