More poetry at last!

I did it! I have poems for the rest of November and December! I heard from many of you that you liked my poetry freebies so I set my mind to creating a whole set. I made poems for all of November and December and I just listed them on TPT!

Each of the poems has comprehension questions and sight word searches as well as a fill in the missing word activity.

I introduced the Turkey Shoes poem today in class and my kiddos loved it! These poems have been a great way for me to finally incorporate poetry on a regular basis. You can grab a free preview from my Facebook page.

Tomorrow we have a field trip! It's been rescheduled twice already due to rain so I'm really excited that tomorrow we actually get to go. We're heading the Wildflower Center here in Austin and it's wonderful for a field trip. Students are given a scavenger hunt and they have so much fun searching for a plant that  grows in water or a bug with four wings. 

We only work through this Friday then I'm off to Seattle for some cold weather! How many more days do you have before break?

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