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Boy do I have a great tool to share with you! 

We just started our money unit. Money is so tough for so many students because they just don't see or  have contact with very many coins. Most students don't get an allowance in my classroom and, let's face it, most of us use credit or debit cards. Students struggle to see how any of the coins look different.

Last year I completely revamped my money unit and added more coin recognition activities. After learning about each coin and its value we created our coin booklets and I've made a big deal out of my students using them as a resource!

Learning the faces of each coin
Sorting our coins
More coin recognition!

We have so many more activities to do, but so far my students are doing very well. The practice offered in our math books simply isn't fun and it's really boring. They also don't offer enough practice with coin recognition. Students won't be able to count coin combinations without learning what each coin is first. 

I have several coin combination activities and a couple of great activities for your math centers. You can find my money unit by clicking on the image below

There are also TONS of videos and games out there that your students will love. Previously I've had links to those videos or games on my class website, but I've discovered a fabulous tool that puts all of your tools in one place. 

It's super easy to use the search tool on the right hand side of the screen. Once you find what you need just drag and drop! You can share your blendspace as a link on your website, or print it as a QR code for one of your centers!
You can check out my blendspace on money by clicking here! Below is what your finished blendspace looks like. It's incredibly user friendly even if you aren't a "TEACHY" teacher!

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