A Gift for Our Student Teacher

This past week was the last week my class and had our student teacher with us. She has been so fabulous and she is a natural teacher. She spent 12 weeks with us and my class and I will miss her terribly!
I put together a goodie bag of items for her. She is planning on an owl theme for her first classroom so I bought borders, desk plates, and name tags. I also bought Mr. Sketch Markers because you've just GOT to have those. I added a personalized notepad and erasable pens for her planner. I stuck it all in a monogrammed 31 bag. My teammates also contributed and gave her other goodies to get her started.

I knew I wanted to give her a parting gift from the class and I didn't want to ask for anything from the parents. We decided to make a book for her and it turned out absolutely so adorable! I didn't correct any spelling at all I wanted it all to be exactly as the students had written it.

 photo 1702172b-b00b-400d-97a5-c81661819420_zps0728fa9f.jpg

Their advice was REALLY good! I think you can tell that they have been in my classroom all year long! I told them to think about things they have liked about our classroom and their kindergarten classroom. I said, "Remember, Ms. Chappel will be setting up a classroom for the first time. That can be overwhelming!" Here are a few samples from our book:

 photo d51aca85-90ff-4454-bd8c-cb87fadf0ac9_zpsb157774c.jpg
My advice is to make fun stations.

 photo 64768308-fcfe-4fbd-a6bd-9e8dc165093a_zps4d943e60.jpg
My advice is to keep your classroom organized.

 photo 3ca48ec6-047d-429e-9261-4683f4e38eea_zps5afb3906.jpg
My advice is to have a routine so the children know what to do. My second advice is to have lots of books so children can read a lot.

 photo bf8df475-6efe-4193-902d-91a4684650ef_zps98372df1.jpg
My advice is to have a good breakfast.

The whole book turned out so stinkin cute and it was full of excellent advice including "put the alphabet on every desk!"  Each student signed their name to their page and we presented our book at the end of the day. 


  1. What a great gift for a teacher who is just beginning. I definitely want to remember these ideas!

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