A picture book for your money unit

This year I purchased a new picture book to incorporate into our money unit. We've been working on counting groups of coins which is always challenging. There is a really cute book called The Penny Pot that I ordered on Amazon.

It's a really cute and simple story. Children want to get their faces painted but don't have enough money. The pictures show what each child has in change and how they count the coins.

I read it to my whole class then used it again in small groups. With some students we simply grabbed the same coins as in the illustrations and practiced counting. With other students who have a good grasp on counting groups of coins I asked them to make the same number of cents with more or fewer coins. 

Add this book to your wish list! You won't be sorry!


  1. Stuart is one of my friends. I am so glad that you liked his books. I use them all the time in my classroom. Check out his Math Starts series. Over 60+ books all dealing with math. They are awesome. A fantastic addition to any K-3 teachers classroom.

  2. Hello! My name is Janet and I work on a variety of projects with Stuart, the author of "The Penny Pot." (thanks for the heads up, Kim!). We have related activities for each of the 63 MathStart books on our website. Here is the one for "The Penny Pot": http://mathstart.net/books/level_3/detail.php?level_id=3&book_id=58

    We also have a new musical based on six of the books: http://www.MainStreetKidsClub.com. A math musical - yippity!

    Stuart also has another series called I See I Learn that might be of interest. It focused on social / emotional / health & safety / cognitive skills and like MathStart uses visual learning strategies.

    Thanks so much for your kind words! Stuart and I were delighted.