I have a Peep problem

How in the world is Easter almost here?! 
Well that means it's time to break out all of my Easter Centers. I went a little crazy buying plastic eggs a few years ago and wrote this post with a freebie you've got to have to use with your plastic eggs. You can snag the freebie from the post or right here.

Last year I stumbled upon a super cute book called Rabbityness and our class created a really cute art project you can read about here.

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My name is Jennifer and I have a Peep problem!

99% of the time I eat SUPER healthy. I don't crave many sweets or treats. But there's something about Peeps that I can't get enough of. I bought pink Peeps at the grocery store this week and I'm secretly hoping my niece gets Peeps in her Easter basket so I can steal some!

I have not told my class that I have this Peep addiction because they are real sweethearts and I'll end up with more Peeps than my pants can handle-HA!
I threw together a quick little graphing activity.

The answer is included!

Later this week we will also be completing activities from my For My Peeps packet. 

One of my favorite activities from this pack has the students creating their own jellybean! It's all very official. The head of a jellybean company sends them a letter asking for help. They get so creative! A cute little questionnaire about their new jelly bean flavor gets stapled behind the jellybean. 

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What are you doing this week in your classroom?

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