Getting a little goofy with grammar

I introduced my first Goofy Grammar page to my class today and it was hilarious!
My Goofy Grammar pages are similar to Mad Libs, but students have word banks to choose from so everyone can be successful. It also helps to reinforce the meaning of adjective, nouns, and verbs.

First I did one on the projector and let the kids help me choose the words. When I reread the story they were practically rolling on the floor laughing. I let them do their own at the end of the day and they had more fun reading and re-reading their grammar stories to each other.

 photo 28a58502-8eba-434c-81e7-2f285447a53e_zps7ecab8f8.jpg

That's what we teachers want, right?! We want all of our students, especially our reluctant readers, to WANT to read. When I told my class Goofy Grammar was going to be one of their new stations they were ecstatic! 

You can find my Goofy Grammar pages HERE at my TPT store.

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