Chapter 4: Early Guided Reading

Chapter 4 is all about early reading for your higher level kinder kids and your first grade students. This week the host of this chapter is sweet Jill from ABC's and Polka Dots! She has a great document to add to your documentation binder for your small groups.

Here are my thoughts on this chapter:

1. What part of the reading caught your attention?
There is a list of skills children progress through in the early reading levels. 
I thought the list would be great to add to our open house presentation for parents. Parents aren't really aware of all the skills that we want students to gain mastery in. 

2. How do you already incorporate this into your guided reading routine?

A few years ago brain feelers were introduced in a blog post from Miss Knights Chronicles. I don't bring them out every week but when I do my groups are highly engaged and love picking their questions. 

One bit that really stood out for me was this quote:
 It is extremely important that children listen to themselves as they read and stop if what they say does not make sense. Self-monitoring is the foundation for comprehension. When you say, "Does that make sense?" do a child, you are teaching comprehension.

If you are new to guided reading this chapter has a great plan for your daily small group instruction.

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