Keeping track of classroom expenses

Oh my word! I have an app you NEED in your life! 
I'm obsessed with Evernote. If you don't use Evernote it's pretty much the bomdiggity when it comes to taking notes, writing checklists, and creating reminders. I use it for grocery lists, lists of upcoming activities in my classroom, etc. You get it. If it's not in Evernote I probably won't remember it.
Well, the makers of Evernote have a new app called Scannable. Scannable allows you to keep track of documents and export them into Evernote. Just think about how handy this would be with beginning of the year shopping...

Simply snap a photo of your receipt in the Scannable app then you can export it to Evernote where you can have a "Classroom Expenses" note set up. Tax time rolls around and BOOM all your expenses are in one place!

*But wait, there's more*

You can use this app to keep track of student work and your notes on student progress! Take snapshots of student work, your notes (GREAT for Post-Its), tests, handwriting samples, etc. Goodbye copy count worries! How fabulous is that?! All those important papers in one spot and you don't have to worry about copies crammed into your filing cabinet.

Have a great week everyone!

Popplet Lite

We had so much fun using an app called Popplet Lite while we learned about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. You may be familiar with Popplet. It's and app as well as a website that allows for making webs. You can have a whole class working on a Poppet on the website which can be really cool. 

But to start off Popplet Lite is a great tool. It's free too! 

It takes just a few taps on the screen to create a bubble. Students can type inside the bubble or draw using their finger. You can also import pictures. So easy! We did one as a class first then I allowed students to create their own Popplets. Some of my students had such a good time that they even went home and created their own Popplets on family, their favorite books, etc.

This is a great tool to use in science and social studies and students feel successful! Below is an example. It turned out too cute!