Behavior Management

 I know we're really only halfway through the school year, but I find myself already thinking about what I want to do differently next year. One thing that I want to continue is my behavior management system. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I got it from my girlfriend who has two young boys at a private school in Atlanta and this is they system used in their kinder and first grade. In the past I've done green, yellow, and red cards, but it wasn't effective for very long. I've done clipboards, and folder signing, but this is the only thing I've found that works! In this system certain behaviors have different colors. Students receive three warnings and then a card goes into their pocket. 

I also have WOW cards for students when they do something really spectacular- which could be minor depending on the child. Sometimes students get cards just for trying their best, sometimes it's for helping others, etc. (I also tell substitutes to hand out as many as they want) I wanted to keep things really simple, easy, and inexpensive. All of the cards are made from construction paper. WOW cards are index cards with a scratch and sniff sticker. Scratch and sniff stickers are like gold to first graders!

I bought a $7 plastic shoe rack from Target and numbered each pocket. (My students are numbered- makes everything so easy and then you can use them again the next year) Extra cards go in the top pockets. I stamp cards with the date and students have to get it signed by a parent and return it to school. I place the cards in the students file.  Students know exactly why they received a card due to its color. It's great documentation for behavior issues and no parent can say they didn't know those behaviors were going on in school because they had signed the card!  My girlfriend liked knowing exactly what happened at school and what behaviors she could address with her boys at home.

I place the information sheet in the daily binder. Behavior Card Information Sheet


  1. I love how each card means something different. It really shows them exactly what is up! Love it and love the name of your usually is rowdy!

    -Ms. Thomas

  2. I've heard of flipping cards from green to yellow to red, but I love how the cards you have represent the specific behavior. Great system! Thanks for sharing and linking with my first linky party!

    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library