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  Today Jenna at Fancy in First posted about ten things she has learned as a first year teacher. I loved reading it and thought what a great thing to share about!

Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching

1. Homemade gifts, cards, and jewelry are my favorites. I'm pretty sure I'll always have my noodle necklaces and clay thumb pots.

2. I can justify almost any expense if it's something for my classroom.

3. My addiction to shopping for new picture books is going to make me bankrupt!

4. Your favorite baby name can be ruined by one child you've had in class.

5. Teachers are the MOST fun to hang out with! And man can we throw down some margaritas!

6. Tattling is contagious, and if we all had a dollar for every time we heard someone tattle we'd be as rich as Oprah.

7. Cute clip art can make even the most boring subject seem just a little bit better.

8. Every year I LOVE my kids with all my heart- even the one who drives me crazy.

9. The kid who drives you the most crazy is NEVER sick! EVER!

10. I will never love recess gives me recess hair.

Now tell me ten things you've learned!
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