If you live in Texas and you are a fourth grade teacher today was your big day--Writing TAKS day! I found myself thinking of my fourth grade teacher friends all day. I taught fourth grade for the past two years and LOVED teaching writing. It was a fantastic challenge and I had so much fun. I literally sang and danced in front of my fourth graders to get them excited about writing...and of course reading too!  Today when my first graders were reading and writing I found myself singing under my breath "Edit, just edit, which word needs to be deleted?" (To the tune of "Beat It") I hope it all went well teachers! XO

(On a side note- if you know of a fourth grade teacher searching for a good read aloud book "The Mysterious Benedict Society" is fantastic. It's really a higher level thinking book that reaches your upper level students- but your low babies will rise with it! In the book the students all have their own "gifts" and learn morse code. At the end of several chapters the kids receive morse code messages. I posted the morse code message on my school website and my students decoded them and tried to figure out what they meant. It was an incredible book!)

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