Teacher Talk

 So, sometimes I tend to bring my first grade teacher talk home with me. A few times when my boyfriend has irritated me he'll say "Don't talk to me like I'm one of your first graders." (Don't do stuff that makes me need to talk to you like a first grader!) Anyway, I really caught myself today. I was calling the cat inside and, like most cats she is stubborn, and as she is slowly, reluctantly mozying up to the porch I said, "Thank you for being a good listener." Can you tell today was a long day?! My neighbors must think I'm looney!

Please share your teacher talk stories so I don't feel so foolish!

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  1. haha! i totally do the same thing to my husband! he HATES it when I count down...
    and amen to ... "don't do things that make me wanna talk to you like a first grader"! :)