Back to School Books

 Mrs. Randall and Randall's Learning Library is having a back to school book linky party. She has a few that I've never heard of on her list. (Already added them to my wish list and B&N) I start the first day of school off with

If by some chance you haven't read it it's about a little mouse who is worried about going to school. Some of her worries: What if I'm the only one wearing stripes, what if I can't find the bathroom, what if the room smells bad, what if I'm the only one who has spots? It leads to great discussion about how they might have been worried about the first day of school.

Join in this linky party! You know how we all LOVE books!


  1. I love Wemberly Worried! I forgot about this one. I used to teach first grade and this book was definitely a staple! Thanks so much for linking up. I love your blog!

    Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library