Second Week

The first week went really well, but y'all I'm still exhausted! And I promise I will try to post pictures of my room this week. Truth be told- it's just not done yet! For example, as organized and obsessive as I am when I pack up my room I somehow misplaced my calendar. I have the months and the calendar numbers, but no actual calendar. So I had to head to Teacher Heaven Friday after school......and of course I spent $100. I swear I can't leave that place, or Target, without spending a hundred bucks.

Yesterday I posted about Lettering Delights Teacher Pilot program. Jill from Jillustration and I are emailing back and forth and she's going to see if there would be some possible way to allow teachers to post freebies if they had access to all that comes with the pilot program. So hang tight and I'll post the answers when I find out.

On a non-teaching related note. I heart True Blood. I LOVE Sookie and Eric together! And tonights episode was SO juicy! Ooh love it! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much for following up with Lettering Delights. I signed up for a "free" membership today and I really like the things I see, so the $140 isn't a bad deal...and while I don't sell any items, I hope to be able to share printables! (Is this what they call derivatives)?
    The Write Handed Teacher