Spread a little Sunshine Linky Party

Yesterday I blogged about how I have been focusing on negative things instead of focusing on the positives. Well, I woke up early, went to Starbucks (unfortunately my Starbucks boyfriend wasn't there. But I did get a "have a great day, honey!") and came to school ready to look for the positive thing I would post about.  I have three positives to share! **I think I'm going to use exclamation points to show how positively excited I am!!**

my SCHOOL positives:
1) My guided math groups went AMAZINGLY well today! The kids seem to finally "get it"
2) For the second time we were able to get through ALL of our reading work stations!!!!!!! It wasn't perfect, but we're getting there.

my AT HOME positive:
1) My marriage certificate FINALLY arrived so now I can officially be Mrs. Tice!
Now it's your turn to link up and share some of your positives for the day!!


  1. Love this! I linked to my What I'm Loving Wednesday post from today because that is all positive!! :) And your positives sound like your day went really well - hooray!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. I don't have a blog, but I wanted to post my positives. I have some of the sweetest children in my class. I had to be out of the room for a little bit today and when I came back you would have thought I had been gone for days. Lots of we missed yous and hugs. This is why I teach kindergarten. On the way home today my 5 year old said "Mom you are the best mom ever". It was a beautiful day if you focus on the positives. I allow myself to dwell on the negatives sometimes too. We may be teachers, but we're just people too! Hope everyone has a terrific Thursday and Fabulous Friday!

  3. I've been thinking about your wonderful linky party and think I'm going to devote Wednesdays to all things positive. If I can figure out how to host a linky party, I will try to do that. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.