December Books!

TBA is doing linky parties all week to share what we all do in class. First up- what books do you use in your class in December?

1. Look Who's Knocking on Christmas Eve By Jan Brett. Every year a trolls knock on a little girls door and gobble up her Christmas feast, but not this year! This year a boy and his polar bear are in the house!

2. The Mitten by Jan Brett (of course!) I printed out the character masks from Jan Brett's site and allow my students to act out the story. So much fun! Even your students who struggle with reading comprehension will remember the steps in this story!

3. Snow by Uri Shulevitz. It's the story of a boy who just KNOWS it's going to snow. One snowflake falls and everyone says it's just one snowflake. Then another falls, and another. The illustrations are just beautiful too!

Be sure to link up with your favorite books! I'm always looking for new stories to add to my collection!

Christmas Week


  1. I'm so bummed I forgot to take pictures of my books today!
    I am going to be a day late (and a dollar short??) with that linky party! I LOVE the Jan Brett books too!! In fact, she is ALWAYS my author study for the months of December and January because of her awesome Christmas and winter collection. But this year I have to do it differently since I'm in 2nd grade - my 3rd graders were able to read her books independently, not so much my 2nd
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  2. I love The Mitten.

    In kinder at a school I sub for, they have a giant mitten and the animals in the order they appear in the book around the mitten.

    The kids even make their own version with a paper mitten and animals.

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  3. The Mitten is one of my favorites. I love Jan Brett's website. It is filled with great teaching resources. I have not read Snow but it does look beautiful. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I have not seen two of these books before so I will be visiting the library very soon. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!