Text to Self Connection

 Have you seen the book "Children Make Terrible Pets" from Peter Brown? It's so stinkin' cute and funny! It's about a little girl bear, Lucy, who finds a little boy in the woods and want to keep him as a pet. I decided this would be the PERFECT book for teaching text to self connections. Anyone could easily make a connection about having a pet or wanting a pet.

First, I read the story. Then we created an anchor chart and discussed some of our own connections. My favorite was that the story reminded one little girl about how her little brother asked their parents if he could have a raccoon for a pet.

I decided we just HAD to create our own Lucy bears. In the story everything Lucy says is in a speaking bubble. So I thought I would have my student write their connections down inside their own speaking bubble and we would place them above their bears. Some of the boys didn't want to have a girl bear so they left off the eyelashes and pink bow.

Click on the picture to download instructions for making your own Lucy bears!


  1. Thanks for sharing this cute bear idea and the book!! Can't wait to do it!
    Teaching First

  2. That is super cute! I feel like I've seen that book around. Thanks for sharing, I'm totally doing this!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. I love Lucy!!! I don't know this book but I just got one from our book fair that's called "You Will Be My Friend!" It's so funny!! Your bears turned out GREAT!!!!!! Very creative!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  4. Is that cute or what!!!!! Now... to find the book. Thank you for sharing.

    First Grade Delight

  5. How do I get access to the instructions?