You Know You Need a Few Days Off When...

You go to school with your underwear on BACKWARDS. No, not inside out, BACKWARDS! All morning I kept thinking, "Something just isn't right." Took a good two hours for me to figure it out! How? How on Earth did I not realize I had my underwear on BACKWARDS?! Too much on my mind/ need a few days off! Hope y'all have a wonderful few days off and that everyone puts their panties on the RIGHT way! Ha!


  1. Ha!Ha! I needed that laugh! Now here's a laugh for you. I was sitting across the table @ lunch about three days before our break began and my teaching "bestie" looked at me and said, "Well! I know why I feel so free!" She said she'd just felt relaxed and free all morning. lunch it dawned on her that she had on her camisole, but not her bra!!! She said, "I looked down (as she looked down), did this (pulled out her top to take a peek), and realized (as her eyes rounded!), OH MY GOSH!" We have a teacher who is Maxine, up and down. She was sitting there and said, "Well, they're pretty perky, then! If I had no bra on, mine would be hanging down here around my waist!" I think our table was louder than the children due to all the laughter!! I'll share with my friend today that she's not the only one... thanks for sharing your life!


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  2. Good morning, Jennifer -

    Your blog brightens my day so I'm giving you the SUNSHINE award. Fly on over to the Corner on Character to get the jpg and all of the details. Thank you for spreading sunshine online!

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  3. Hahaha! That couldn't have been comfortable.


  4. LOL! That's great!

  5. That is Hilarious!
    Well, give yourself credit- you could have skipped that step all together:)
    Going Nutty!

  6. :) Love it!!!!! Enjoy your much deserved break!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. hahha!!! I put mine on inside out all the time! lol..enjoy your break!!

  8. I've managed to come to school with 2 different earrings!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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  9. That is too funny! A teacher at my school came to school with 2 different shoes on! They were the exact same shoe but one was brown and one was blue! Must have been dark in the closet! It made us all laugh all day long!! She was a good sport about it!!