"I'm telling Santa!"

Finally, finally, FINALLY we are having cold weather here in Texas. I'm originally an Oregonian so I'm all about long sleeves, sweaters, and boots. This weather makes me feel right at home. I found the cutest striped long cardigan jacket to wear with jeans and boots (of course) before Thanksgiving and I've been waiting patiently to wear it. After hearing the forecast last night I made up my mind that I would NOT hit snooze 1,000 times and would instead get up early, wear my super cute new outfit, and stop at Starbucks to get a gingerbread latte. Could my Monday start out any better?! Long sleeves, cute outfit, boots, latte, seat heater on in the car.....

Well my children were terrible with a capital T. TERRIBLE. So very terrible that I shouted, "I'm telling Santa!" Ok, I wanted to say that, but I didn't. Instead I gave them a stern lecture about how we still have things to learn, and we've been in school for X weeks and they know my expectations, and I have fun things planned next week for those who are following directions, and that NOW they are making me the cranky teacher which is ruining my super cute outfit! Yes, I really did say that. And yes, their actions really were ruining my outfit. You know when you wear something new and you feel all good and gingerbread latte-ish then you will clearly have a great day! Well, my kids were ruining that.

On a positive note- I love first grade because kids still believe in Santa. One of my little girls came to me this morning and told me that she really did know that, "The Santa at the mall is not exactly the real Santa." And did I know that? And also, did I know that she would be seeing the REAL Santa this Saturday? (NOT at the mall of course)

With the cold and windy weather we had inside recess, which I used to dread, but a couple of months ago I read a post on A Teeny Tiny Teacher about Adventure to Fitness. Mr. Marc takes the kids on a 30 minute adventure through time or to different places. The kids are moving and exercising the whole time. It's funny and educational and Mr. Marc often talks about making good choices with food and excercise. (Health grade...check!) You owe it to yourself to sign up for it and just check it out. I've got my whole team using it now!

Have a great evening and remember.....Santa is watching you!


  1. OMG that GIngerbread latte sounds divine!!! I'm getting myself one in the morning!!! So glad you got to wear your cute new outfit!!! I'm going to check out Adventure Fitness! Thanks for recommending Class Dojo a little while ago, too! My class LOVES it!

    Teaching First

  2. My students asked to do Adventure to Fitness today out of nowhere. They were being a little off the wall anyway so I said, "Absolutely!!!! Take it away, Mr. Marc!!!!!" Haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. That's funny about your class nearly ruining your fashion statement - say it isn't SO! I love that firsties still believe, too . . . by third they're asking me, "Mrs. Gruener, is Santa REAL?" My pat answer, "He is to me!"

    We're using a traveling monkey (kind of like an elf) named JOY as an incentive in the cafeteria that could work in your class . . . whoever does X best can keep JOY on their desk or at their table . . . . in K the traveling toy is named Sunshine . . . it was SO cute when Mrs. Owens' class rounded the corner announcing, "Mrs. G - we got SUNSHINE today!"

    Worth a try . . . meanwhile, I have to figure out Class Dojo for one of my 2nd grade teachers before she lets her class ruin her look . . . . happy Tuesday!!!


  4. My kids were having a bit of a rough day today - and my outfit did nothing to help!!!! Surely we can make it to next Friday!!!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I've been meaning to tell ya that I love the new look! I'm gonna have to check out those adventures. My kids (and the rain) have been ruining all of my outfits for a week - yep. Ughhh...
    Funky First Grade Fun

  6. excellent writing!!! I am all about a new outfit getting me up in the morning. Darn those first graders ruining a perfectly adorable outfit. Did your starbucks boyfriend at least give you a little love?

  7. Holy Moly, I had no idea you were an Oregonian. I am an Oregonian!!!! And still live here :)

    And the last two days have been f-reezing! Freezing fog warnings today and yeah, it's cold!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  8. I'm so jealous that we are not able to get the Adventures in Fitness at our school... yet. I have been trying to get signed up since I first read about it in blogland! Love the new look of your blog!

    First Grade Delight

  9. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! =) I jsut googled gingerbread man images and copy and pasted it onto word! But I did find one similar on makinglearningfun.com.... just go to this link...



  10. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I'm definitely heading over to check out Adventure to Fitness RIGHT now! :) Thanks!

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  11. I just stumbled upon your blog and like what I see. I will keep reading and become a follower. I was excited to see that you are an Oregonian even though you don't live there now. I am also an Oregonian and do live here. I'm a teacher in the Salem-Keizer School District but lived most of my life in Portland.

    It sounds like we have similar experiences. I taught fourth grade and third grade. This is my first year as a first grade teacher due to budget transfers. It's been a difficult adjustment.

    I will be following your blog.