First Grade Santa Fact

Oh. My. Word. I am so VERY tired. It's hard to believe after just a few days (ok, more than a few) you completely forget that talking ALL day and standing up ALL day is completely exhausting!
Even my kids were so tired I could only hear a faint whisper as kids talked about what they did over the break. It was like they were to tired to talk... and it was lovely!

Before the break one of my little girls had all kinds of Santa questions for me. 1) What did I ask Santa for? (I'm pretty sure she still pictured me sitting on Santa's lap.) When I told her I wanted a car she told me there was NO WAY Santa could fit that in his sleigh and that I should think of something else! (2) Did I know if Santa would deliver live animals? She really wanted a gerbil, but she wasn't sure if she should ask Santa for it if he couldn't deliver live animals. Well.....this morning she walked in proudly and said, "Hey Mrs. Tice- he does." "Who does what?" "SANTA delivers animals! I have a gerbil!" So there you have it folks....a little known Santa fact!

Hope everyone else who went back today has survived! And those of you who didn't have to go back enjoyed a cup of coffee in your pj's for the rest of us!


  1. We haven't gone back yet...tomorrow =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. My first day back is tomorrow too! I'm excited but I know it's going to be exhausting! Oh and I love the little Santa fact! LOL

    Check out my new blog (if you have a chance!)

    Sweet Times in First


  3. I was supposed to go back today, but we had a snow day today. YEAH!! So, tomorrow will be my first day back. I am printing off all the great New Year's activities, that I have found from some amazing bloggers, right now. Oh and I love the Santa fact!! First graders are just too cute! I just started my blog and if you have time check it out.

    The First Grade Dream

  4. Love your Santa fact! So cute! :)
    We went back yesterday and I am still tired! :)
    Happy New Year!
    Crayons and Curls

  5. Aren't kids cute?! I'm beat but gotta get my blog updates.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  6. Super cute story!
    And I'll think about you tomorrow during my pjs/coffee time which actually translates to :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  7. Gerbils...bought the girl a gerbil once. Didn't realize his eyes were red til we got home. Took him back. He freaked us out.

    Love the "I'm a nut!" song...can't wait to hear recording!

    Going Nutty!

  8. Love these stories! I remember when my kids went to first was a mess. Thank heavens I am a stay at home parent!

    Home Business For Everyone

  9. Such a cute story! I love the things that kids say! Glad you had a nice day back!

  10. Yep, it is amazing all of the questions they come up with!
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