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Cheryl at Crayons and Curls has tagged me! I love tag!

Here are the rules:
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2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself
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12 Facts About Me:
1. I met my husband in the Phoenix airport and neither of us was living in Arizona.
2. I have the cutest niece ever and she just learned to say my name! She learned my name before ANYone else's. That's probably because I'm awesome.
3. I love the Academy Awards and then I REALLY love buying In Style magazine for March. All those gorgeous dresses!
4. I'm pretty sure I will never own enough boots.
5. I'll see any movie with Mark Whalberg or George Clooney. Seriously. Marky Mark 4 EVA. (Fear anyone?)
6. Thursday nights are my favorite- I make something delicious for dinner and share a bottle of wine with my husband and we watch CW shows. Isn't he awesome? To be honest there's a little eye candy for us both and we finish the night by watching The Big Bang Theory. So hilarious.
7. I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode of Friends and Scrubs at least fifty times. "Steak Nii-ight!"
8. I hate the smell of tater tots. The smell makes me gag. I think I over did it with the tots when I was in elementary school.
9. I will never understand what Tilda Swinton wears to award shows....ever. Or why she doesn't ever seem to have any make up on or have eyebrows! What is up with that?!
10. I never leave the house without at least eye liner, mascara, and lip gloss. Ever.
11. My New Year resolution was to get my slacker butt in shape! The diet and exercise plan start after I get back from Seattle. I figured I'm going all out and eating at great restaurants while I'm there why get started on a plan before then....
12. I wish I was as funny as Melissa McCarthy!

1. What is your favorite color? Why- pink of course! I love how cheery it is! I even have pink Uggs.
2. What is another job you have done besides teaching? I was a barista at Starbucks while I was in college. Awesome job! And it fed my coffee addiction...which can be expensive.
3. Are you married and do you have children? I am married. I've been married since July. No kids yet, but we're certainly talking about it!
4. What is your favorite place to visit? Seattle! I love Seattle. We have a home there and hope to move back permanently in the next couple of years. I love cold rainy weather, wearing long sleeves, being close to the water and the mountains, I could go on forever! (Anyone out there living in Seattle?) We are actually going up there this coming weekend and I'm taking a few personal days!
5. What is your favorite website? Does blogger.com count? I swear I stalk all the live long day! But if it doesn't count then probably revolveclothing.com  I loooove shopping there!
6. Would you rather have an iPhone or a Blackberry? In this house my husband has a Blackberry. I cannot figure that thing out. I have an iPhone and I can't live without it. Everything about it is so easy to use!
7. What do you eat for lunch when you are at school? I try to never ever eat from the cafeteria. Sometimes I bring Lean Cuisines, but lately I've been on a soup kick. If you're in Texas check out the Cookwell soups at your grocery store. They are delicious!
8. What's your favorite present you ever received? The first gift my husband gave me when we were dating. I has a little something personal engraved on it and I wear it all the time. I did get a mug from a student this Christmas that she painted and it has become my favorite weekend mug.
9. What item do you wish your classroom had? It's a toss up between a Mimio Board or walls I could staple in. Ha!
10. What is your favorite movie of all time? Pride and Prejudice! The latest version with Keira Knightly. I read the book at least once every year. It's so romantic!
11. Would you rather sit on the beach or go to the mountains? Mountains!
12. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!

12 Questions from Me: (Anyone please feel free to answer them! I love getting to know everyone)
1. Are you married and do you have kids?
2. What is your favorite children's book or series?
3. If you didn't live in your current city where would you like to live?
4. Do you have any fun vacations planned?
5. If you won a million dollars in the lottery today where would you shop first?
6. What was the last movie you saw?
7. What theme do you have in your classroom?
8. At the end of a long day what do you do to unwind?
9. What meal do you crave the most during a tough week?
10. What was your New Year resolution?
11. What's on your classroom wish list?
12. What candy would you like to secretly stash in your desk drawer?

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  1. I loved reading your answers! I have been a lean cuisine girl for decades...but this week I switched to soup. I kid you not. So when I read your post I was like...??? seriously?
    Have a BLAST in Seattle and enjoy your days off!

  2. Ahhh! I have pink Uggs too! Loved finding out more about you, have a great start to your week! :)
    Lisa :)

  3. I've seen every episode of Friends too!!! It was so fun learning more about you! Have a great week! :-)

  4. You met your hubs in the airport and neither of you lived there??? I want more of this story!!!!!! DETAILS, please!
    I think I'd like Seattle. I have never been but I think I could fall in love with it. Enjoy your time there!
    PS Your Thursday nights sound AWESOME!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Let me just say, how you doin? That is my best Joey from Friends reference. And I mentioned that I would love to meet Melissa McCarthy when I was tagged! Loved reading about you!


  6. I love Seattle, too. I'm Canadian and have lived in Victoria most of my life ... I think the cities are a bit similar. They have the awesome west coast vibe for sure.

    Grade ONEderful

  7. Thank you for tagging me! I loved reading your post :) I am from Seattle, but am living in Florida now! I haven't been back up there in awhile!! I can't believe you met your husband in the airport! Love that!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  8. LOVE my Mimio!!!!!! Hey, I sent you an email...just get back with me when you get a spare minute...

    Thanks! :)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  9. I would LOVE to hear more of your "meeting" story!!!
    And can I come visit you in Seattle??? It'll satisfy that other part of me....I LOVE cold, rainy weather too!! And Seattle has so much "culture!"...unlike FL, here....lol. I swear I'm like a split-personality girl, because I LOVE my beach, but I LOVE what you described too..lol.

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  10. Oopsies! I was going to tag you, but it looks like I was beaten to the punch! P.S. I love the movie Pride and Prejudice also! I love the part when Mr. Darcy says that "you have bewitched me". It makes me swoon. :)

  11. I was reading your questions and answers and let out a little squeal when I saw you referenced Mark Wahlbert in Fear. I tell my husband all of the time that he beat out Mark Wahlberg for the job of The Father of My Children. Hee Hee