A few edits and sending the love

Well... I had a couple of errors on my Roll a Picture unit so I've fixed those errors. If you have purchased my Roll a Picture Unit from either TPT or Teachers Notebook be sure to upload the latest version.

AND I was missing an "s" on the end of one of my shamrocks on my March math centers. To get an updated version of March math centers click on the picture below.

Last, the picture below is for my whole team. If you were to walk into any of our classes today you would have wondered if you were in the Twilight Zone. We had kids packing up and putting their bike helmets on HOURS before the end of school. Mind you, EVERYONE ELSE was still working. Strange things happened all day. ALL DAY. One of my teammates had a child with a birthday and the parent sent in a cookie cake UNCUT! Seriously?! She couldn't find a knife so she cut the thing with popsicle sticks! That's right y'all. She cut the cookie cake with popsicle sticks! She said she was so upset at that point with everything that had happened all day that she couldn't even think of asking another teacher if they had a plastic knife. Ha! At 2:10 a teammate called me with "What is going on today?!" People. I just don't know. But I do know we only have two more days before spring break. 


  1. hilarious!!!!

    one time a mom brought in a pan of overcooked brownies uncut. I gave up on the broken plastic knife and grabbed the brownie rock by hand and banged it on the table to break it apart I was furious. The kids were upset with their brownie rock crumbs too.

  2. I would totally be the teacher cutting with a popscile stick! My kids are kinda in the twilight zone this week...I feel like they are sick of listening to me...maybe I'm just tired of my own voice...I think we all need a spring break! But my spring break isn't for another 2 weeks!!! Enjoy your time off in 2 days!!!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. It seems like once one thing goes awry... the whole day just follows suit sometimes!
    Dragonflies in First

  4. I can't stand stuff like that!!!! Hope you have a better day!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. Wow two day, sounds wonderful!! Our Spring Break ism't unitl April!! Enjoy your time off!

  6. Yay!!!!!! I am beyond excited. Texting Farley right now!
    We are meeting at 5:30 at The Lion and Rose in The Forum.
    I will send you the link if you email me!